Frank Malina‘s “Jazz” (1995)

The French critic Michel Conil-Lacoste described the first impression and the functioning of a mobile electro-painting with on-off lights entitled ” Jazz ” as follows : ” Onze alignements d’yeux, correspondant chacun à une source lumineuse colorée qu’allume ou occulte périodiquement un minuscule interrupteur thermique “. The functioning of this kind of picture can easily be calculated and gives 2048 possible combinations (2 to the 11th power) with its corresponding aesthetic effect. This is an important stage in Malina’s desire to arrive at almost infinity in the possible combinations he is proposing to the spectator and in reproducing the life rhythm in his pictures. This is the first picture of Malina where the technical research and the subject-matter is equally matched by a new and surprising aesthetic effect that, while still bearing a definite relatedness with the world we live in, opens up a vista of another, Malina’s particular world. (Here)

By iamjns

Mathematics. Games. Democracy.

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